Performance Hints

To improve the performance when viewing our documents:

We strongly recommend that before viewing,

you download the files to your local disk drive.

If needed, please see How To Save Files To Your Local Drive for additional details.

The first advantage of saving the files to your local disk drive is that the next time you wish to view them, you will not have to wait for them to download again.  Most of our customers refer to these documents repeatedly, so keeping local copies will save you time.

The second advantage is viewing performance:

Our Complete Price List [~500k] includes PDF bookmarks so you can jump to the page(s) you are interested in, but even jumping to another page may take a long time over a slower modem connection.

The Part Pictures [500k - 3meg], Training Manuals and Picture Overviews [2 - 9meg] are all large files because they include many photographs.  Unless you have a newer computer, even when you are viewing local copies you may notice minor performance limitations scrolling through these documents due to the graphics processing required to display images.  Combining this and a slower modem connection will be very noticeable.

The Video files are all large files [1-17meg], so please be patient while they download.  Unless you start the download before you go home for the night, you should avoid the 48meg file.