Power Supply - Voltage / Temperature Charts

Fahrenheit:   2100/2300/4000/4100/SX/NX  <>  4200/4300/EX  <>  4500  <>  8000/8100/WX

Centigrade:  2100/2300/4000/4100/SX/NX  <>  4200/4300/EX  <>  4500  <>  8000/8100/WX

Use your cartridge model number(s) and temperature scale to select the correct chart(s).

We recommend you print the charts you need.

Some charts will view "sideways", but they print just fine!

These charts are used to adjust the time setting for the Power Supply. Use the line voltage reading on the Power Supply to select the correct row in the chart. Use room temperature measurements to select the correct column in the chart. The row/column intersection determines the correct time setting for the Power Supply.   When row/column intersection point is within one of the outlined time-zones, use the time setting specified in that time-zone.  When the row/column intersection lands on one of the time-zone boundary lines, use a time setting that is a half-second between the two time-zone values.

SEE EXAMPLE (outlined in blue) for Voltage = 120v and Temperature = 68  >>>  Intersection = "14 second zone"

If you have any questions about how to use these charts, please contact PTI.

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